Approaching Fly Fishing Whack-Job Status

Would you go fly fishing (wading) when it’s only 14 degrees out and about a foot of snow on the ground? How about at 2:30 in the morning, damn near pitch black out and you’re casting to the sound of a fish rising, not actually seeing it rise? How about fly fishing in a drift boat on a 43 degree fall day in cold wind and rain? If your answer is “hell no!” I get it. BUT, you’re missing some of the best fly fishing experiences possible. Yes, seriously.

Wicked Hatch Chart for Esopus Creek, NY

I’ve seen a lot of hatch charts over the years. Most are fairly basic. Of all the hatch charts out there, this one is truly wicked! Ya gotta check this out!

Lower Provo River – On The Fly

Business can take you places offering some great fly fishing. Do you make time? Fly fishing the Lower Provo River in Utah is one place I got to explore on a recent business trip – a river I’ll definitely jump in the next time I’m there!

Write It Down & You’ll Be Saved!

Fish are highly sensitive to their environment. Us fly fisherman need to be students of that environment and how it impacts the behavior of the fish to increase our odds of success. Some of us are better students than others, and a journal will help you learn more and be better educated to improve your odds on the water.

Pere Marquette River Lodge

The Pere Marquette River Lodge is an exceptional place to hang your boots after a great day on the Pere Marquette river in Northwest, MI… and they have a great fly shop to boot!

Michigan’s Historic Fly Fishing Bed & Breakfast

The tradition of fly fishing in Michigan goes back almost a century.  If you like history as much as you like fly fishing, then the North Branch Outing Club (NBOC) needs to be on your fly fishing bucket list.  Not only is this fine establishment nestled on the north branch of the Au Sable River…

Get Out Of The House!

It’s deep Winter.  Depending on where you live, it could be a mild Winter or a bitter-cold, deep-snow, wind-whipping chiller.  And as is normal, its about this time of year where your spouse is starting to tell you to get out of the house… go find something to do… simply because you’re driving her up…

It’s The Economy – Stupid!

What?  It’s the economy?  If you buy all of your flies or other fly fishing equipment and/or accessories from a large online fly fishing retailer or big-box brick and mortar outdoor store or made the flies yourself, are you going to impact the national economy and the GDP?  Uh, No.  But, if you don’t visit the local fly shops…

Wisconsin’s Driftless Area is Awesome!

I gotta say, the driftless area of Wisconsin is some of the most challenging fishing around.  Sure it looks easy – with many of the cold running spring creeks narrow and winding – but talk about tough!  You must be stealth and sneak up on those brooks, browns, and bows, because they’re always watching!  And – its is absolutely…

Michigan’s Trout Heaven

Michigan offers some of the very best trout fly fishing in the country, from the famed Au Sable trout system, to the Pere Marquette.  The season runs year-round on selected rivers.  For all the must-have information on Michigan’s trout fishing click on the Michigan DNR fishing site. Michigan DNR Fishing Guide

Gates Lodge – Au Sable River

If you’re looking for a fantastic place to explore the Au Sable rivers; main branch, holy waters, south branch and the north branch, then look no further the Gates Au Sable Lodge in Grayling, MI.  Now owned by Josh Greenberg, The Gates Au Sable Lodge offers everything you need whether you’re a novice – just learning how…