Wisconsin’s Driftless Area is Awesome!

I gotta say, the driftless area of Wisconsin is some of the most challenging fishing around.  Sure it looks easy – with many of the cold running spring creeks narrow and winding – but talk about tough!  You must be stealth and sneak up on those brooks, browns, and bows, because they’re always watching!  And – its is absolutely beautiful!  Rolling farm country to back woods treks.

Much of the fly fishing I’ve done has been with nymphs.  In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever caught a trout on a dry fly… but not because of lack of trying!  Some of the trout streams to check out are the Big Green, Crooked Creek, Timber Coulee

Below is a link to the Wisconsin DNR site specific to trout regulations; regulations, classified trout streams/rivers – pay attention because the regulations can change mid-stream!  ENJOY!

Wisconsin DNR Trout Guide


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