Wicked Hatch Chart for Esopus Creek, NY

I’ve seen a lot of hatch charts over the years. Some provide the names of the bugs to hatch during the applicable months, some provide the type of fly to use that most closely matches the hatch, and a few have provided a mix. They’re basic for the most part, which is o.k. Depending on your experience on the water you’re fishing you may know the seasonal bugs by heart. However if you’re fishing new water, a local hatch chart is invaluable. Of all the hatch charts out there, there is one I’ve found that is truly wicked! Ya gotta check this out! Yes, click on that link. There is only one problem. It is specific to the Catskill area of New York.

O.k., that not really fair to say it’s a problem. I’m just jealous that there isn’t one of these for all waters.

This particular hatch chart is part of a larger fly fishing memorial to Jerry Bartlett, a well known conservationist and local guide. The Jerry Bartlett Memorial Angling Collection was founded shortly after his death in 1995 and resides at the Phoencia Library in Phoenicia, NY, in the heart of the Catskill Mountains.

Back to the hatch chart… go ahead check it out, we’ll wait…

O.k., so now you’ve seen it, you know why it’s being featured! Not only does the chart show you a picture and name of the real bug, but it provides the representative artificial fly at each stage of its life cycle; nymph, emerger, dun, and spinner.

Sample of Esopus Creek Hatch Cart from Jerry Bartlett Collection

That is awesome!

Now, I’ve never fished the Catskill area in New York, nor have I been to this library to check out the Collection, but if I’m ever in the area, I certainly will. If you’re in the area, check it out, donate, and/or send them one of the books on their wish list.

Phoenicia Library
48 Main Street
P.O. Box 555
Phoenicia, NY 12464
Phone: 845-688-7811

And for other not-as-wicked New York Hatch, click here.


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