New York Fly Fishing Hatch Charts

Fly fishing in New York presents such a wide variety of opportunity not seen in many other states. Breathtaking scenery, and of course plenty of what we all pursue – fish. The range of fly sizes in the charts below may seem broad and that’s because at different times of the year, the hatch will likely yield various size flies. As always, check with your local fly shop to see what size flies are generating the action. As well, you may find unique patterns made only by that particular fly shop for the specific stretches of the rivers you may be fishing on. If you can afford it, pay attention!

Catskill Hatch Chart Fly Fishing
delaware river east branch hatch chart for fly fishing in new york
Adirondacks Hatch Chart for Fly Fishing
Esopus Creek Hatch chart for fly fishing

For a one-of-a-kind hatch chart of the Esopus Creek and Catskill area, check out this post, “Wicked Hatch Chart for Esopus Creek, NY”