Want A New Fly Rod? Subscribe Today!

There are a ton of fly rods out there… all shapes, sizes, weights, handles, colors, lengths, you name it, and each has a purpose. So, as any fly fisherman knows you can’t have just one because one size does NOT fit all.

So, when you “need” a new rod, you do your research. You’re excited. Maybe you go test a few out at a local fly shop or big-box store. You can’t wait… you need it NOW! Then you look at the sticker price. We’ve all been there. Depending on where you’re at in your fly fishing journey, your skill level and your budget you can find fly rods that cost below $75.00 and then you can spend over $1,000 on a single fly rod. Gulp!

There is nothing like a sweet fly rod, but what if that rod you want costs more than what you can afford in a single lump sum? If only there was another way… well, there is.

The Wade Rod Company has come to market with a great way to afford their rods without paying for it all at once… it is a subscription. A what? Yep, a subscription… basically a minimum monthly payment billed to a credit card until the rod is paid off. But unlike a law-away plan, they will ship the rod to you so you can use it before you pay it off!

O.k., what is the catch? Hopefully many years of fly fishing with a sweet rod! But in reality, well… ummm… there is none. The process is really quite simple. Go to there website, pick out “your weapon of choice,” choose your subscription option at checkout, and your rod ships out to you as soon as your first payment is made. The monthly payment is under $60.00 on all of their models.

So bottom line is you can get the rod and begin fishing with it without dropping the full load of cash. Sound a bit odd? Yep, that’s because it is… well, not odd in a bad way… odd in a great way! I have never heard of another company or retailer doing this, have you? As the Wade Rod Co. puts it, Fish Now, Pay Later. Oh sure you could pay for that expensive rod with your credit card in full, but then you’re paying interest on that bill until you pay it off.

O.k., so you maybe thinking, how good can their rods be if they’re resorting to this type of tactic? Well, to be honest, I can’t say because I’ve never cast one, but I do know that in the fly fishing business a product’s performance and how the company stands behind their product (or doesn’t) will make or break the company’s reputation and business, so either it’s a decent rod or they won’t be around long. They do have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Personally, I think this is a phenomenal concept! Assuming the quality of their rods are equal to the quality of this program I think they’ll be around for a good long time. I wish these guys/gals a ton of success, because this is the type of new business thinking the community needs!

Check ’em out here… The Wade Rod Company. Tell them The Wicked Fly sent ya!


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