Big Fish Hiding

What a great weekend of steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River in Baldwin, MI… I mean, come on, even if you don’t catch fish, it beats being almost anywhere else in the world.

Approaching Fly Fishing Whack-Job Status

Would you go fly fishing (wading) when it’s only 14 degrees out and about a foot of snow on the ground? How about at 2:30 in the morning, damn near pitch black out and you’re casting to the sound of a fish rising, not actually seeing it rise? How about fly fishing in a drift boat on a 43 degree fall day in cold wind and rain? If your answer is “hell no!” I get it. BUT, you’re missing some of the best fly fishing experiences possible. Yes, seriously.

Need Fly Fishing Wader Liners, Think Redington!

Alright, so over the years I’ve tried a bunch of different products to keep my legs warm when wading. Hands down, these Redington Fleece Wader Liners are the absolute best I’ve ever worn. No, our site isn’t sponsored by Redington, nor am I getting any sort of advertising spiff for hyping these. I just love ‘em and think you should know about ‘em.

Steelhead Fishing Doesn’t Suck

Another adventure in steelhead fishing on the PM in Baldwin, MI. Bitter cold, but never a dull moment. We had fish to catch, and of course there were those that got away, right? Whatever!

Fly Fishing In The Winter? Why Not!

Many fly fisherman/woman have never been fly fishing in the winter months or even late fall. Why? We don’t know. Maybe because it’s cold, or they don’t think there’s much action. Fly fishing during the much colder months offers its’ own rewards, but you’ve got to adapt to the conditions to make the most out of your excursion.